Invoice Scan API

Revolutionizing Invoice Automation.

The Lucidtech Invoice Scan API extracts key information from scanned, photographed or digital invoices with market leading precision.

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By training our machine learning models on your data, we achieve world leading accuracy.

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Don't gamble with your users' patience. Our API responds within seconds.

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Simple set up

Our API can be integrated in existing software in a matter of hours. We provide SDKs for all major languages.


Accurate data extraction
from any invoice.

Forget about traditional OCR solutions dependent on templates or text search. Our machine learning technology is able to extract key information from practically any invoice in the world with human-level accuracy.

Create the best solution for your business, by training on your invoice data.

Set your requirements

Define what fields you need to extract from your invoices.

Train on your data

Train our algorithms on invoice data from your systems to get a custom solution that fits your needs.

Start using your API

The finished API is ready to integrate to your workflow. The algorithms will continuously improve over time.


A few use cases.

Lucidtech's Invoice API can be used in many applications.
Here are some of them.


Accounts Payable Automation

Capture and validate all your invoices automatically. Remove manual tasks and get better control.


Expense Management

Take control over your business expenses. Automatically capture or audit employee expenses.



Remove the hazzle of paying bills, by automating the extraction of payment information.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Don’t allow unstructured documents to be a showstopper in RPA.

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