Intelligent Invoice OCR

Reinventing Invoice Automation

Lucidtech's technology is ideal for automating invoice processing. The powerful machine learning models can learn to process even the most complex layouts by training the machine learning models on your invoices.

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Relevant training data is critical for any machine learning model. Train powerful ML models on your invoices and enjoy human level accuracy.

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No templates or rules

Free yourself from maintaining complex invoice templates and rules, and let our machine learning models do the job for you.

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Our API can be integrated in existing software in a matter of hours. We provide SDKs for major languages.


Confidence is key

With Lucidtech's proprietary end-to-end machine learning models for data extraction, every prediction comes with a confidence. This enables you to know when the results can be trusted and when manual verification is needed.

Use cases

Lucidtech's Invoice API can be used in a broad range of applications, from automating data entry in payment applications to RPA.


Accounts Payable Automation

Capture incoming invoices automatically. Increase efficiency, and reduce time and cost.


ERP Software

Spend your development resources on differentiating your business. Let us take care of invoice data capture.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Don’t allow unstructured documents to be a showstopper in RPA.

How can I get started?

Training your own invoice automation model is easy. No machine learning expertise is required, and you can get up and running in a matter of days!


Collect training data from your ERP system, database or archive.


Train our machine learning models on your data. The training process usually takes 2-5 days.


Your newly trained API is ready to automate your business process.

Learn more about the training process in the documentation.