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We empower businesses with Intelligent OCR technology. Start benefiting from machine learning today with our REST APIs.

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Built for developers

We give developers the tools to create market leading AI solutions. Our APIs can be integrated in a matter of hours.

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Designed for scale

Our algorithms are built to handle big data at scale. Our cloud-based infrastructure enables smooth scaling to match your ambitions.

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Always improving

By continuously training our technology on new data while improving our models, we make sure to be in the forefront of the paradigm shift.

The technology

No templates, no rules,
no limitations.

Traditional OCR solutions highly depend on predefined rules or templates for each document type. Lucidtech's deep learning technology is able to extract and validate information from a wide range of documents based on just a small amount of data.


Get actionable results in a matter of seconds.


By training our machine learning models on your data, we are able to achieve human-level accuracy.


We care about privacy. We are GDPR compliant and have Financial service addendums to meet governance-focused, audit-friendly service features to meet security compliance regulations and audit standards.


We keep your data safe and encrypted.

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